Embroidery Inspiration

Browsing around on flickr, you may stumble across embroidery samples tagged “PLOS”. I investigated a little deeper and found the PLOS Pool, and along with it the meaning of the acronym: Personal Library of Stitches. This flickr group has an amazing pool of images made up of embroidery samplers–huge and tiny, simple and complex, colourful and monochrome. This is great inspiration if you’re into embroidery, and I can also see the images being valuable to illustrators, graphic designers, and those who are interested in line value and texture. Some examples:

I have to say I’m more partial to the free-form samplers. I love the way their stitches flow together organically, like a beautiful mountain or wave.

Needless to say, I’ve been looking at these samplers for a reason–a new body of work which is still just a glimmer in my eye, but will hopefully become real in a short amount of time.


One Response to “Embroidery Inspiration”

  1. Sharon Telschow Says:

    i love these. they are beautiful.

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