inspired, at last.

Finally I feel like I’m coming out of my creative slump, which has existed since I wrote the last post here. The end of school really drained me artistically, and I haven’t really recovered from it until now. It’s all because I came across Katie Runnels’ art. A SCAD alumna, Katie founded our beloved shopSCAD and makes fiber-licious assemblages from vintage and collected materials.

Her work is fine art–definitely exploration of materials and aesthetic, but you can tell that Katie pours her heart into her pieces. Yet they’re accessible and (dare I say it?) commercial enough that people want to buy them, own them, and display them in their homes.

This is what I want. I focused for so long on being a designer, being commercial and marketable, going into studio production and having a line of ready-made products for the market. Why? I know myself and I know my working methods. I am a big thinker. I have so many thoughts, feelings, and ideas and my artwork has always been an outlet for that. Why would I ever think to remove that aspect? I would be miserable.

So I’m moving on from here, not sure where I’m going, but with a headful of inspiration to get me there.

Katie Runnels: blog
and website


One Response to “inspired, at last.”

  1. Sharon Telschow Says:

    Yay! Good for you. Congratulations. Doesn’t it feel so good when you can get going again after a long slump? Next is the fun stuff.

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