I am grumpy. Lately I have felt an enormous disconnect between what’s in my heart and what my hands produce. Every few months I go through a cycle of creative energy–sometimes I am a machine, cranking out items left and right. Then I hit a low, where nothing I make is satisfactory to me, and I can’t even begin to manifest what’s in my head. That’s where I am right now. I want to make beautiful things, meaningful things…simple and gorgeous and inspirational. Like so many of the items on the blogs I read.

These gorgeous Christmas ornaments, for example.

Picture 53

Or why cannot I not assemble collages with the masterful composition seen above? Such simple and remarkable beauty.

I am told that I have potential, that I am talented. But sometimes it feels as though my hands are only able to make poor substitutes for the truly wonderful things I see in the world.

I wish I could know that there really is something incubating inside me and that one day I will hatch, so to speak, and come into my own as an artist and maker.


One Response to “grumpy”

  1. Sharon Telschow Says:

    don’t worry. You will. It is the end of the year and for the past six months straight you have in CREATE like a machine mode. After you have had three months to feel human again and the exhausting rejuvenation of Lacoste and once you have your very own little nook in this world and a puppy to fill it all will feel better. Until then, lest you waste life, just start a routine. One thing, and one thing only, everyday of the summer. What will it be?

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